William moseley dating anna

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Caption: Alexa Hamilton rumored girlfriend of William Moseley (2008-2010).

Similarly, in the year 2010, William was paired with the Mexican actress Antonia Ortega.

When he turns around and kisses her, their teeth clack because she's caught off guard, but after a moment they figure things out, and then it's really rather nice actually. He gets the impression that her parents are mad at him, like they think he broke her heart, which is ridiculous.

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, there are reports that she’s quietly dating fellow Avenger Chris Evans IRL.

They were seen "flirting" with each other, but didn't really date. Actually when we got to know that we have to act in Narnia Prince Caspian, I knew that Ben Barnes was already in love with me in reality whereas Me and Willaim love each other. We id not want to tell that to anybody but now it was a need.

Hopefully, they will, becuase both of them are REALLY close. We have 3 kids- Georgia(adopted who acted as Lucy) Rachel and Daisy.

Caption: William and Anna speaks about their character in Narnia in an interview at IGN on 22nd December 2008 The relationship is said to have lasted for around two years, and in the year 2007, they got separated.

After the separation, Anna got married to her long-time boyfriend, Sam Caird on . Pound is also survived by sisters Dean Bland of Fort Smith, Arkansas, Lou Snow of Eugene, Oregon, Gene Threadgill of Van Buren, Arkansas, and Don Threadgill of Memphis, Tennessee along with numerous beloved nieces and nephews.