What is the reader left to think about dating

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From publishing posts that no one reads to posts that get thousands of views and hundreds of comments within a day.

Putting in time and effort into writing a post and then getting an average time on page of 10 seconds On a typical blog, only about 2% will spend more than two minutes reading a post. The good news is that yours doesn’t have to be a typical blog—it can be better.

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You would have a heck of a time trying to read the whole thing, having to constantly look back and forth, trying to find the next line.It would be slow, frustrating, and hard to retain information this way.Not only that, if someone walked up to you with it and asked you to read it, it’d probably be intimidating.For Starters If you’ve gotten a date within the past year, take solace – you’re at least more passable than the 2016 Pennsylvania state budget. By now, you might describe your relationship status as “Beach 6 seagull” – you’ll take whatever you can get.

While I don’t recommend settling for just anyone, you may benefit from “stepping up your game,” so to speak.

But coming just a day after my last chemotherapy session, the question might as well have been whether I'd gone to the moon lately. Perhaps it's as common in real life as it is in movies, books, and television for cancer patients to fall in love while lying delicately in a hospital bed, losing their hair and their appetites, and often, their will to live.

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