Warrior intimidating shout macro

01-Nov-2018 09:57

This is my macro for intimidating shout and demoralizing shout #showtooltip /cast Intimidating shout /stop spellcasting /e shouts "You think you can take me?

yes i did check the macro guide and I just ended up confused and desperate.

I have leveled my warrior with (almost) the same GS sequences I use now that he is 100.

Re: Arms Warrior : Macra Guide About the leveling your warrior… Is there any way to make the emote not go off if the skill doesnt activate? whenever i spam the macro so that it will cast just when i have enough rage, the emote goes off like 10 times and it ****** off my group. Bladestorm Když macro spamujete tak při bs dáváte hity autoattackem..

warrior intimidating shout macro-22

ps3 crashes when updating gta 5

This macro is used to prevent breaking your Intimidating Shout with autoattacks.Shield swap, Defensive Stance if you're in Battle or Berserker, and Shield Wall, mash the macro two or three times until you get Shield Wall.

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