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The breeding center aims to increase the population of giant pandas and eventually release some of the animals back into the wild.

Later visit Dufu Cottage, the residence of a famous ancient poet.

Continue your visit stopping in the Old Town and the modern Xintiandi.

Start your tour to Chengdu with a visit to the Panda Breeding Center.

Rinpoche had never visited Plymouth before this week, when he spent two days offering free teachings to promote ways to search for peace against the backdrop of the modern world.

It is part of a huge global tour, where he will be imparting his wisdom to residents of the UK, Canada, Greece, USA, South Africa and even Peru, reports the Plymouth Herald.

This is how Mei Zhiyuan sees Tibet—as a harmonious region that benefits from Chinese support.

When I asked him why he had volunteered to work there, he said, "Because all of us know that Tibet is a less developed place that needs skilled people."I went to Tibet to explore this second viewpoint, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Tibet question through Chinese eyes.

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That is the key point."Rinpoche is the renowned master and scholar from the Nyingma tradition, the oldest school of Tibetan Buddhism.And these two remarkable women are remembered as the matriarchs of Tibetan Buddhism, together planting the first seeds of Buddha’s teachings in the Land of Snows.

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