Microsoft backdating

25-Sep-2018 04:11

The custom driver has one date, but when Windows updates the operating system, suddenly the Windows driver has a timestamp that is newer than the manufacturer's custom driver.This is really bad, because if the Windows driver has a newer timestamp, suddenly all the custom drivers provided by the PC manufacturer get replaced (and if this sounds familiar, it's because this has been a huge issue plaguing consumers with the Windows 10 operating system since it launched in June 2015).

When the purchase invoice is posted, if there is a difference in cost between the purchase receipt and the purchase invoice, the difference is proportionally adjusted to the current products in stock, and any remaining amount is expensed.

FAQs relating to tax, VAT or GST can be found in the tax category.

This might sound rather strange, but if you've ever taken a closer look at the Windows drivers on your PC, you might have noticed that they all seem to be set to the same date 10 years ago – 21 June 2006.

It is done by using the product’s current costing model.

You can change your inventory costing method from a costing method that is based on average cost or standard cost to a method that is based on moving average.The difference is capitalized and is based on a proportional calculation. When you use moving average, inventory settlements and inventory marking are not supported.

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