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Each culture has its own rules as to how these names are applied and used.Having both a family name and given name ("first name", "forename", or "Christian name") is far from universal.Searching for material concerning the writing system of the Old European Civilization in the South-east of Europe (Tartaria, Vinča,…) I found an article concerning a theory that the Hungarian language is related to old Sumerian. My first reaction was “why not – around Mesopotamia, Anatolia and the Black Sea always was quite a Babel”.But because the whole article sounds somehow tearful-nationalistic to me I don’t know what to think about it (Quite often some nationalistic “historians” develop theories that their respective nation is the true carrier of civilization and so on…)thing is full of bull-shit!!!

Northwest Caucasian speakers such as the Adyghe (Circassians) are dominated by haplogroup G2a while Kartvelian speakers such as Georgians seem to be a pretty good majority mix of G2a, J2a and J1 types.

Also discussion about later comers such as Turkic peoples and Slavs is welcome. Also it is very interesting to see that within the Caucasus certain genetic markers seem to match very well with certain linguistic/ethnic groups.

For example Nakh speakers such as the Chechens and Ingush are dominated by Y-DNA haplogroup J2a3b* (old J2a4b*).

they have a very wide range and may be found nearly everywhere in the US and Western Canada.

This is due to transplanting to isolated pockets of their former ranges. In this topic I wish to focus on the history and origins of the various aboriginal peoples of the Caucasus such as the Nakh peoples and Dagestanis (Northeast Caucasians), Circassians (Northwest Caucasians) and Kartvelians (Georgians).