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20-Aug-2018 03:48

the address and zip code doesn't exist anymore O_O There is what looks like pencil marking on the bass plate and it say WOV 1907. Can someone help me find out more about this piano? We're always happy when people share their piano info with us.

have 4 digits from 1860-1879, 5 digits from 1880-1930.

Seems whoever had the piano tuned it regularly and kept it in very good condition. I too have a George steck piano and I am looking to sell it but cannot find anyone who will come out and appraise it.

As I was cleaning out the keys, I actually found a note inside I think its older than me O_O. That street doesn't even exist when I plugged it in google maps. the serial number has four digits but I have yet to have seen it on a list anywhere I have been looking.

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I have a George Steck baby grand piano bought new into my family about 1945. We think the numbers on it is 167579 but that is all the numbers she can find and see.

The firm quickly grew and moved to larger factories on Walker Street in 1859.

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