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19-Oct-2018 02:05

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I haven't used dating books before (yeah, sure, he says) mostly because there always seemed to be enough women around. I haven't had the book long but here's how a couple things worked out for me.

Except now there don't seem to be as many women around anymore, they're all married or have men lined up around the block, so I thought, well, what the heck. One of the things is just ask some woman her opinion.

Did the authors address the issue of "ease of reading"? It's big picture, more about concepts than the absolute latest specific technology. just 320 pages or so to cover everything in the book.

Hi Guys, I hope that this thread doesn't become political or not nice!

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2: Maybe/Probably majority of native english speakers do not think that way. My recollection is that "Even I" meaning "Me too" is a common and well-understood idiom in that dialect of English commonly spoken in India, along with "I have a doubt" meaning "I have a question".

According to the author, , the book contains only around 300 pages.

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