Dating a girl with the same birthday

14-Aug-2018 14:54

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dating someone from a different culture

It’s tricky to explain the phenomenon in a way that feels intuitive.You can consider the fact that forty people can be paired up in 780 unique ways, and it follows that there would be a good chance that at least one of those pairs would share a birthday.Andrews through the “Aha” moment that turned friendship into romance, and onward to the breakups, the makeups, Middleton’s Palace crash course, and the expectation of a 2011 wedding. Andrews, Scotland’s oldest university, 50 miles north of Edinburgh.His father, his uncle Edward, and his great-grandfather King George VI had all attended Cambridge, but the four-year history-of-art course at St.

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But over time I have come to the realization that I’m not the source of the problem. Consider the following example: Assuming for a moment that birthdays are evenly distributed throughout the year, if you’re sitting in a room with forty people in it, what are the chances that two of those people have the same birthday? A reasonable, intelligent person might point out that the odds don’t reach 100% until there are 366 people in the room (the number of days in a year 1)… so such a person might conclude that the odds of two people in forty sharing a birthday are about 11%.But that doesn’t really satisfy the question for me, it just feels marginally less screwy.

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