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20-Oct-2018 15:22

"We have people who die and can't get death certificates because we have no birth certificates," he says.

"We get calls from all over the country from people saying: 'I've never worked at a chicken plant and I've never been to Delaware, and the IRS tells me I owe taxes for working there.'" Delaware's reported immigrant population has nearly doubled since 2000--to 67,000--and 9 percent of births in the state are to illegal immigrant mothers.

Shortly after 9/11, Delaware governor Ruth Ann Minner blocked the issuance of tags to people who couldn't prove their citizenship with a Social Security card.

North Carolina and Pennsylvania ask fewer questions. Kimmeytown is inhabited almost entirely by Guatemalan immigrants who, around 1993, suddenly started showing up in their thousands.

Georgetown, Delaware "Cristo viene," reads a bumper sticker on a beat-up old Econoline van parked in front of the police station here. " The van has North Carolina license plates, even though its owner lives down the street.

Many of the other cars parked in the ramshackle nineteenth-century neighborhood called Kimmeytown have North Carolina or Pennsylvania plates.

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Now there's a sprung sofa on the front porch and--a desideratum of Guatemalan-American houses--garlands of Christmas lights dangling from the roof. Inside the station, the crew-cut police chief William Topping sits amidst a flag, his military decorations, a mounted pistol of some kind, and a gigantic box of Advil within arm's reach.

In 1879, 18 Jewish merchants formed Delaware's first Jewish organization, the Moses Montefiore Society, as a religious, educational, and charitable organization.

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