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This performance is extra special for the songstress, as she was also presented with official platinum certification for her breakout hit!

When Claire finds a dirty picture on the computer and assumes it's Luke's doing, a guilty Phil doesn't necessarily correct her.

Yet, in season three episode Wspólczesna rodzina: Express Christmas he turns up again in Jay and Gloria's attic, and continues to be present in future episodes, complete with his monocle. She discovered what she considers to be porn in her laptop.

She believes what she saw came from Luke, the picture of an almost naked woman atop a tractor. Little does she know it was a mailing to Phil from a friend that was causing her to be shocked.

The case, which involved family tension between Rayhons and his step-daughters, was complicated by questions of whether someone with dementia can give consent, and whether Alzheimer's patients have the right to have sex or the right to be protected from it. Rayhons could not be reached for comment, and the administrator for the nursing home where his wife resided in Iowa, Concord Care Center, declined to comment.

When Phillips was a practicing geriatric physician, she dealt with sex often.

The issue most recently came to light in Iowa, when Henry Rayhons, 78, a longtime state lawmaker, was charged with sexually abusing his elderly wife, an Alzheimer's patient, while she was living in a nursing home.

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Did I ever tell y’all about that time I got obsessed with that bisexual prostitute/construction worker who had a brain tumor pressing on his aggression center? My buddy Shoe had this stripper girlfriend, and they fought like maniacs, but then they always made up.

They had a pet rat that was the symbol of their love, and it got injured too. So that was their love story, massaging the pet rat so it could pee.6.