Bsd pkgupdating help

08-Feb-2019 02:13

Snappy already is used in Ubuntu core, a minimal version of Ubuntu intended for use in the cloud, on mobile devices and in embedded systems.The next step is rolling Snappy into "Ubuntu Desktop Next".17-Jan-2017 1779545 ruby-seriallport.patch 07-Jul-2011 3252 ruby-serialport_0.7.0-1_ar7106-Jul-2011 8718 sendip.Makefile 26-Jan-2013 1394 18-Dec-2012 404138 gz 20-Oct-2012 1246 serval-dna_2012-10-10-b7201a75b2c581bf3e73106fc..

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done ************************************************************************ Remember to run mysql_upgrade (with the optional --datadir= flag) the first time you start the My SQL server after an upgrade from an earlier version.

Snappy takes a radically different approach to package management.