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We simply began referring to him as male, and although challenging for some staff and volunteers, few visitors noticed, and Jade is now well-established in the program as our male bald eagle.

About three years old, Jade has not yet developed the white head and tail feathers, or the orange beak, of adult bald eagles; that transition will happen between the ages of about five and seven.

Although non-releasable, Jade can fly short distances, enough that when Live Raptor Program Manager Melissa Hill visited REGI to choose a bald eagle for the Raptor Experience, he had scaled perches of increasing height until coming to rest on one about 20 feet off the ground.

At that distance, judging his size—and therefore the bird’s sex (female eagles are typically 30–50 percent larger than males)—proved difficult, and, as the REGI staff had also referred to the bird as female, our staff initially did too.

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